Sunday, 28 December 2014

Time to Unload Emotional Baggage From Past

We can all take comfort knowing that every one of us faces challenges at some point. No one is perfect. Everyone deals with emotional baggages. No one is perfect. Each person's baggage is different. If you have cheated or been cheated on.

When the nights are long and you can't sleep for all the sadness of a past left unresolved, when you cannot move on,you find it difficult to. When the past mistakes haunts you and becomes a nightmare for you.

Without realizing it, I carried this baggage from the past, thinking about what went wrong and where. Until a friend finally called me on and gave self-recognition to find out what I was doing. The problem wasn’t that I had baggage, everyone carries their own baggage but sometimes you have to leave behind some baggages from the past to move on in life.

Each of us have experienced positive and negative relationships regardless of how brief or long those relationship have been. We learn to take risks in secure and healthy relationships. But its time for me to learn from the past and to let go of toxic relationships which kept me broken.

I have realized that I don’t deserve to feel awful any more and that the days of feeling sorry for past mistake and broken relationships are over! Now I realized that I am the priority, I should be opne to accept the love deserve in life. 

What happened? Of Course, there is nothing that I can do to change that. However, What I can do is to learn from that experience. As someone said What happens, happens for a reason, happens for something good.