Sunday, 28 December 2014

Throw me to the WOLVES, and I'll return leading the Pack

I saw this quote posted on Facebook and thought its perfect to begin this post with. Why? Because it sums up how I changed during the past several months. It’s wasn`t easy for someone like me to be shoved into turbulent waters just for making a wrong decision It’s even harder to keep your head above water while trying to find a way out.

At other times, I just roll over and go and hide, nursing my wounds. I guess what motivates me to take a non-combatant attitude during these hard times is the need to be true to my upbringing.

Nothing is gained by not fighting back, of course. I think of the person who said, "You'll never amount to anything.You will never become successful. You are a disgrace to journalism." I think of that person who smiles at me and yet disgraced in front of others to show oneself in superior position...the person who wanted to throw me out to the wolves. I have been discouraged a lot saying how loser I am, I have been let down by people who mattered during bad times.

Today Am I going to slink away and hide nursing my wounds, worried about the trail of blood I left behind for predators to follow? No, I wont but instead I am gonna say, "I am here, Come & get me." 

 I had a conversation with a dear friend on this, I asked “Now I can confidently say that things are not the same anymore.I am not afraid of anyone. I will face it without any If someone throw me out to the wolves.She said “That’s because you are already a wolf the power you have is intense, it can control any wolf even me.”