Thursday, 1 January 2015

Let Them Walk Away and Peace Out!!

Someone told me that how we will become like the people we hang out with. It’s true. In five years, you’ll become a conglomerate of the people you spend the most time with. In fact, if I wanted to know who you were going to be five years from now, I’d not ask what you do but want to spend a little time with the folks you spend time with. That alone would tell me who you were going to become.

Sadly, some people are so entrenched in seeing the negative side of things that they leave zero room for positive things to grow. People like this inhabit our families, work environments and social circles. It can be emotionally draining just being around them. Ignore these people and move on in life.

Seriously, Enough is enough! Letting go of negative people doesn’t mean I hate them, or that I wish them harm; it just means I care about my own well-being because every time I subtract negativity from my life room is open for more positive ones. Some people love to stir up controversy and drama for no apparent reason. Its better to stay out of other people’s drama and don’t needlessly create my own.

Literally put them all on a map and ask ourselves whether we want to become like these people or not. If we don’t, I strongly believe that, its time we take decision to consider letting some relationships go. It's scandalous, I know. But I recommend it all the time. Trust me, It helps you a lot.

We should be doing what we like doing and stand what we want to inviting others to join us. And if they won’t come, we grieve. But its time to move on all the same. Some relationships simply aren’t good, its better to let them go. This simple paradigm shift helped me a great deal.

If someone doesn’t want to be in my life why on earth would I still want them.  Because people emotionally blackmail reminding of those good times and conveniently forgetting the bad. Why is that? I miss all the good things, of course I do – I know when they made me feel good and gave me what I needed emotionally and physically. However, I also cant forget to keep in mind all the times they made me feel less than loved and inadequate at times.

For example, They completely do anything to help rather having drinks and telling we are with you always. What about using me to show off to their loser friends? What about portraying myself what I need to be done. Anger, resentment and anxiety will only hurt, so why go there? They’re NOT worth it!! One of the hardest things in the world to do is to watch someone walk away. It’s not only an emotional blow, it’s a blow to the ego.  No one wants to be rejected.  Whatever the reason for the split it was for the best. It really always is. I always say this “everything happens for the right reason and you are always where you need to be when you need to be there.”

Time to Just let them walk away, I am sure will be really be glad as I always did.